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After you called that morning I rolled over and went back to sleep -
and immediately dreamed of you.

You were sailing to our island in a 14 foot boat bringing a cargo
of coffee. We paddled out to meet you and were very happy to see you
since we were almost out.

You sailed ahead while we paddled back to shore.
By the time we beached the canoe you were off doing something and
I could not find you.

Finally, crawling out through the maze of an old wooden ship
I hopped off the bow - and there you were.

Knee deep in the lagoon painting the evening sky.
You were as bare and brown as the island girls and every bit as lovely.

You reached high to put the final touches on the sunset.
It was magnificent.
We all applauded!

I don't know who writes my dreams.
Certainly not I.
I like believing it is one of the higher angels -
one responsible for beauty and light.

I should like to thank him some day.

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