Fantastic place, also known simply as DIAS. It all begins with Eamon DeValera one of the founders of the Irish state. He held an American passport and used to teach mathematics in America. After the 1916 Easter Rising he was not put to death by the British due to his passport. He went on to write the constitution and lead the first Government after the Civil War.

One of the first things he did was to set up an institute of learning dedicated to his favourite subjects, mathematical physics and celtic studies !.

The institue was set up towards the beginning of WWII, DeValera arranged a visa for Schrodinger to travel from Germany to England. In Germany he was in danger as he was a Jew. Almost as soon as Schrodinger arrived in Edngland hostilities between England and Germany were declared. Schrodinger was now interred in England as he was German. DeValera stepped in again and arranged for Schrodinger to travel to Ireland. Dev asked Schrodinger if he would like to be head of DIAS. Schrodinger accepted and held the post for the following 14 years. It was in Dublin that Schrodinger wrote his book What is Life. This was one of the earliest works to theorise the existence of Genes

DIAS was given control over the old Dunsink Observatory, the place where William Rowan Hamilton had devised the theory of Quaternions. On Merrion square there is a part of DIAS which continues some of the work taken over from Dunsink. The bus stop outside this building says Outside Cosmic Physics (I kid you not).

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