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The complete item listing of goodies that can be found while exploring the dungeons of Dungeon Hack.

  • Throwing Dart: Does weak damage
  • Rock: Weak damage when thrown, usable to hold down switch plates
  • Stone of Good Luck: Adds +1 to saving throws. Enhances a thief's chance to pick locks
  • Throwing dagger: Slightly better damage than the Throwing Dart
  • Dagger: Usable by magic-users. Can't be thrown effectively. Damage is weak compared to other weapons.
  • Dagger of Venom: +1 to hit and damage. Chance of poisoning it's target
  • Staff: Two-handed weapon usable by magic-users. It's bluntness does not allow for significant damage.
  • Staff of Striking: +3 to hit and damage. Embedded magic allows staff to do significant damage
  • Club: Blunt weapon that does weak damage. Usable by magic-users
  • Mace: Blunt weapon that does moderate damage. Usable by a cleric
  • Flail: Does slightly more damage than a mace. Usable by clerics.
  • Morning Star: Does moderate damage. Also usable by clerics
  • Throwing Hammer: Does weak damage. Can be thrown effectively
  • Maul of the Titans: Very powerful weapon. Can be thrown, but needs to be picked up after every use, thus limiting it's effectiveness.
  • Axe: Edged weapon that does moderate damage
  • Polearm: Two-handed weapon that does significant damage. Usable by warrior classes only
  • Halberd: Same as the Polearm
  • Short Sword: Not as strong as the long sword
  • Long Sword: Most effective one-handed weapon in the game. Usable by all classes except cleric and magic-user
  • Two-handed sword: Two-handed terror for warriors
  • Sword of Slaying: Functions as a +1 long sword, but against the specified monster type, the sword will deal double damage
  • Arrow: Ammunition for bows. Light damage, but can be retrieved
  • Arrow of Slaying: +3 to attack and damage against everything. Instantly kills specified monster if it hits it
  • Leather boots: Standard footwear for dungeon exploring. No significant bonus
  • Drow boots: Allows wearer to move silently through the dungeon
  • Robe: Best armor for mages. No significant bonus to armor class (AC)
  • Leather Armor: -2 to AC
  • Ring Mail: -3 to AC
  • Brigadine Armor: -3 to AC
  • Scale Mail: -4 to AC
  • Chain Mail: -5 to AC
  • Banded Armor: -6 to AC
  • Bronze Plate: -6 to AC
  • Plate Mail: -7 to AC
  • Full Plate: -8 to AC
  • Dragonskin Armor: -7 to AC
  • Elven Chain Mail: -5 to AC, most powerful armor for thieves due to its light weight
  • Cloak of Protection: Bonus to Armor Class and saving throws. Can't be used with magical armor
  • Cloak of Defenselessness: Cursed item that increases the wearer's Armor Class. Needs to be uncursed to be removed
  • Bracers of Protection: Adds a bonus to the wearer's Armor Class
  • Bracers of Defenselessness: Cursed item that increases the wearer's Armor Class. Needs to be uncursed to be removed
  • Bracers of Archery: +2 to hit and +1 to damage for any bow attack while worn. No benefit to Armor Class when worn
  • Shield: -1 to AC. Can't be used by thieves and magic users
  • Magic Shield: Stronger than a regular shield. Bonus to Armor Class is equal to the bonus stated
  • Cursed shield: Cursed item that raises wearer's Armor Class
  • Magic helm: Same effect as a magic shield
  • Cursed Helm: Same effect as a cursed shield
  • Helm of Underwater Action: Allows wearer to move normally and breathe underwater
  • Helm of Stupidity: Cursed item that lowers intelligence to 7
  • Gauntlets of Dexterity: Increases dexterity. Bonus is based on current dexterity score
  • Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strength: Gives a strength score of 22 while worn
  • Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength: Gives a strength score of 19 while worn
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power: Gives a strength score of 18/00 while worn
  • Apple: delicious, but not very filling
  • Rations: Typical adventurer's fare
  • Iron Rations: Rations with added preservatives. Very delicious and extra filling. These rarely spoil
Miscellaneous items
  • Holy Symbol: Used by clerics and paladins to cast spells. Must be held to use
  • Spellbook: Used by magic-users to cast spells. Must be held to be used
  • Thieves' tools: A set of lockpicks for thieves to unlock doors without using a key
  • Keys and Gems: Used as keys to open locked doors
  • Journal page: Gives the finder a hint about an item or a monster
  • Map parchment: Displays the full map of the level currently being explored
  • Silver Coin: Used to activate healing orbs. Provide a small amount of healing
  • Gold Coin: Used to activate healing orbs. Provides a greater amount of healing
  • Dust of Remove Curse: Allows user to remove cursed items. Has a preset number of uses before the supply is used up
  • Scrying Glass: Hold in one hand, and an unidentified item in the other hand to identify it. Magical items will have their magical properties revealed
Set items
    • Armor of Fhang: Gives fire resistance to wearer
    • Helm of Fhang: Casts an aura of fear around wearer
    • Shield of Fhang
    • Sword of Fhang
    • Lost Armor of Midnight: Wearer immune to damage caused by normal weapons
    • Lost Helm of Midnight: Wearer able to see illusionary walls
    • Lost Shield of Midnight: Wearer absorbs some damage taken
    • Lost Sword of Midnight
    • Helm of Keign: Allows wearer to see invisible monsters
    • Plate Armor of Keign
    • Shield of Keign: Gives wearer some magic resistance
    • Sword of Keign
    Wearing all four items of this set will give the wearer some additional magic resistance
    • Ravenna's Elven Mantle of Warding: Wearer immune to sleep and paralysis effects
    • Ravenna's Hat of Intellect
    • Ravenna's Signet of Priestly Skill
    • Ravenna's Staff of Swiftness
    • Hat of Onex: Bonus to saving throws
    • Quarterstaff of Onex
    • Ring of Onex
    • Robe of Onex: Reduces time spent memorizing spells
    Wearing all four items will give the wearer some magic resistance
    • Ghreu's Leather Armor of Free Action
    • Ghreu's Nimble Boots of Prowling: Grants wearer feather falling and water walking
    • Ghreu's Shield of Dexterity
    • Ghreu's Tools of Opening: Auto-repairs itself in one day after breaking
    Wearing all four items will alow the wearer to detect illusionary walls and secret doors.
    • Chainmail of High Priest Myrh
    • High Priest Myrh's Holy Symbol: Increases power of all clerical spells cast
    • Mace of High Priest Myrh
    • Steel Helm of High Priest Myrh
    Wearing all four items will increase the power of clerical spells
    • The Chain Armor of Phoos
    • The Helm of Phoos
    • The Mace of Phoos: Has a chance of healing person wielding upon a successful hit
    • The Symbol of Phoos: Holder can pray for an addtional clerical spell per spell level
    Wearing the complete set will give the wearer fire resistance
Books, Tomes, Librams, and Manuals
  • Book of Exalted Deeds: Clerics of good alignment will get a +1 bonus to wisdom and an experience bonus
  • Book of Vile Darkness: Clerics of evil alignment will get a +1 bonus to wisdom and an experience bonus
  • Libram of Gainful Conjuration: Magic-users of neutral alignment gain an experience bonus
  • Libram of Ineffable Damnation: Magic-users of evil alignment gain an experience bonus
  • Libram of Silver Magic: Magic-users of good alignment gain an experience bonus
  • Manual of Bodily Health: +1 to constitution when read
  • Manual of Gainful Excercise: +1 to strength when read
  • Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms: Fighters (not paladins or rangers) will recieve an experience bonus
  • Manual of Quickness in Action: +1 to dexterity when read
  • Manual of Stealthy Pilfering: Thieves get an experience bonus
  • Tome of Clear Thought: +1 to intelligence when read
  • Tome of Leadership and Influence: +1 to charisma when read
  • Tome of Understanding: +1 to wisdom when read
  • Vacuous Grimoire: A cursed tome. -1 to intelligence and/or -2 to wisdom when read
  • Protection from cold scroll: Protects from cold attacks
  • Protection from dragon breath scroll: Protects from blue dragon breath
  • Protection from electricity scroll: Protects from electrical attacks
  • Protection from gas scroll: Protects from gas attacks
  • Protection from level drain scroll: Protects from level drain by undead
  • Protection from magic scroll: Protects from magic attacks (Ex. magic missile)
  • Protection from petrification scroll: Protects from stoning by medusae
  • Protection from poison scroll: Protects from poisoning
Note that rings are unidentified when found
  • Ring of adornment: Useless ring which doesn't do anything
  • Ring of constitution: Adds 1 point of constitution as long as it is worn
  • Ring of dexterity: Adds 1 point of dexterity as long as it is worn
  • Ring of feather falling: Character doesn't take damage from falling down pits
  • Ring of fire resistance: Character takes less damage from fire attacks
  • Ring of free action: Cancels web, hold and paralyzation magic
  • Ring of invisibility: Makes character invisible until he attacks a monster
  • Ring of might: Makes attacks more powerful, allowing you to do more damage
  • Ring of protection: Decreases AC by plus. Doesn't work with magic armor
  • Ring of provocation: Cursed item which attracts and enrages monsters
  • Ring of regeneration: Regenerates hit points slowly
  • Ring of shocking grasp: When attacking with this hand, does 4-14 damage
  • Ring of strength: Adds +1 to strength as long as it is worn
  • Ring of sustain strength: Prevents strength drain by undead and special zones
  • Ring of sustenance: Eliminates need for food
  • Ring of weakness: Cursed item which drains both constitution and strength
  • Ring of wisdom: Adds 1 point of wisdom as long as it is worn
  • Ring of wizardry: Doubles the number of spells/spell level you can learn
Note that potions are unidentified when initially found
  • Aqua Regia: Just a bottle of plain 'ol colored water
  • Potion of Confusion: Disorients your character when consumed
  • Potion of Extra Healing: Heals 6-27 hit points of damage
  • Potion of Food Detection: Detects any food on the current level
  • Potion of Giant Strength: Temporarily gives you strength of 19+
  • Potion of Healing: Heals 4-10 hit points of damage
  • Potion of Invisibility: Makes character invisible until he attacks a monster
  • Potion of Monster Detection: Shows all the monsters on the current level
  • Potion of 'Neutralize Poison': Removes the poisoned condition
  • Potion of Poison: Poisons character when consumed. Throw at monsters to poison them
  • Potion of 'Resist Fire': Character takes less damage from fire attacks
  • Potion of Restore Strength: Restores any strength lost from undead zones
  • Potion of Speed: Allows character to move and attack twice as fast
  • Potion of Vitality: Eliminates need for food temporarily
  • Potion of 'Water Breathing': Allows movement underwater without losing HP
  • Oil of Fiery Burning: When thrown at monsters, inflicts 5-30 HP of damage
Wands are unidentified when found. Some have a preset number of charges which is randomly chosen when the wand is found. Wands with zero charges can't be recharged and should be discarded.
  • Mundane Wand: A useless, burned out wand
  • Wand of Acid: Shoots acid in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Allurment: Teleports a monster in direction you're facing behind you
  • Wand of Cold: Shoots a cone of cold in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Curing: Heals 6-21 hit points of damage
  • Wand of Distance: Teleports a monster away
  • Wand of Fire: Shoots a fireball in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Frost: Shoots frost in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Hasten Foe: A cursed wand which speeds up monsters
  • Wand of Hinder Foe: Speeds the character up, doubling movement and attacks
  • Wand of Lightning: Shoots lightning in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Magic Missiles: Shoots magic missile in the direction you are facing
  • Wand of Paralyzation: Paralyzes the monster if front of you
  • Wand of Restoration: Restores any levels lost because of undead
  • Wand of Smiting: Equip as a weapon to use. Does 4-11 damage, plus extra vs.Golems. Most effective weapon for magic-users. Excellent attack speed and can also a second Wand of Smiting as a secondary weapon
  • Wand of Trap Detection: Detects all traps on current level
Amulets are unidentified when found
  • Amulet of Magic Missiles: When held and used, it will fire a Magic Missile spell at a target
  • Amulet of Fireballs: When held and used, it will shoot a fireball at a target
  • Amulet of Magic Resistance: Character will take less damage from magic
  • Amulet of Imminent Return: Teleports you to stairs down on the level above. Useful if surrounded by tough monsters and you are low on HP
  • Necklace of Adornment: A useless, garbage amulet. Discard immediately when found
Source: Personal experience and www.gamefaqs.com

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