Now as a part of your options found in user settings, you may choose to decline the XP you get from voting. This is typically off by default, but you can engage it if you like.

Why would I want to do this?

XP measures your contribution to the database; this includes both your contribution in writing and your contribution through propagation of the experience system. If you would like your XP to measure only your written contribution, then you are now able to do so, and still participate in voting. You will not receive a cookie, a shiny new car, or the secret grand prize but you will have an accurate portrayal of your writing.

What XP gain does this decline?

You will not receive XP from voting, or using up all of your votes. Being voted on, blessed, cursed, or C!ed still affects you as it normally would.

But I've already been voting, and now I want to use this. Will that affect me in any way?

You will no longer receive XP from votes. You will not lose any XP gained through voting up until this point, and nothing ill will befall you

Is this stat going to be published?

The administration would prefer not to have this as a publishable stat. If you wish to mention it great, but this should be a private decision people should make for themselves, and people who do not do this should not feel any differently about it. This is a personal choice.

I'm level 1, what does this have to do with me?

Not much, actually, unless a god happens to bestow votes on you. Until then, take it easy, and maybe pop by E2 Mentoring Sign-Up if you haven't done so already.

Ack! I still want my XP

No worries friend, this defaults to opting for the XP.