Er, that one don't actually work...

Here is a working version for Sherlock on MacOS.

   description="Everything2 Search" 
<input name="node" user>
<input name="node_id" value="">
<input name="lastnode_id" value="1216496"> 
<input name="match_all" value="1">
    resultListStart="<td valign=top>"  
To install, paste it in a text editor. If you use TextEdit on OS X, make sure you go to the Format menu and choose "Make Plain Text", and with any other editor, make sure you save it as plain text. Save the file, call it e2.src. Open up sherlock, and pick the internet tab, then drag the file and drop it on the panel. Blammo, you're done.

Here's a more Mozilla-centric sidebar search plugin that will auto-update itself if I ever update the plugin to account for changes to E2.

The first step to installing this is to find your search plugins directory. Under Windows, this directory should be named searchplugins and can be found right under your main Mozilla directory. Under FreeBSD it can be found at /usr/X11R6/lib/mozilla/searchplugins (I'm sure it's somewhere similar in Linux). This directory should already contain several plugins for Google, Netscape Search, etc.

Create a new file in this directory named everything2.src. The filename is important -- if you change it, your search plugin won't be automatically updated via the nifty plugin auto-update feature. After you've created this file, paste the following text into it:

# Everything2 Search Plugin for Mozilla
# Last modified: June 25, 2002 by Ryan Grove <>

	name = "Everything2"
	description = "Everything2 Search"
	method = "GET"
	action = ""
<input name="node" user>
<input name="match_all" value="1">

	browserResultType = "result"
	resultListStart = "Here's the stuff we found when you searched for"
	resultListEnd = "</table>"
	resultItemStart = "<li>"
	resultItemEnd = "</li>"



Save the file, and you're done. Now you just need to restart Mozilla, and you should have a new "Everything2" option in the Search Engines list of your Search Sidebar. Thanks to Mozilla's rockingness, if for some reason E2 ever changes its search result format and I have to update the plugin, Mozilla will automatically update itself with the new version. Nifty, eh? Enjoy!

Questions, comments, and suggestions are more than welcome. Please /msg me or email

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