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As viewed by West Australians, any Australian state other than West Australia, particularly those on the Eastern seaboard of the mainland (Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria). There is an element of rivalry between the Sandgropers and the rest of the country, as WA, having the largest land mass, has the most natural resources, hence providing the country with the most wealth - but also is the most isolated and sparsely-populated state, resulting in the least Federal support and recognition from the rest of Australia. Also, ever since Federation, there have been moves for WA to be separate from the rest of the Commonwealth of Australia, with pushes for secession reaching a peak in the 1930s. There is still a secession movement in WA, however a general sense of complacency among the population here has prevented it from getting anywhere since the referenda of the '30s.

Thanks to sideways for reminding me about the secession factor.

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