1. Song by Enya from her Shepherd Moons album; it has a rhythmic, chanting type cadence (influenced by the old Scottish tradition of milling songs), and a Gaelic language verse in the middle which goes as such:

Amharc, mná ag obair lá's mall san oích',
Ceolann siad ar laetha geal a bhí,
Bealach fada anonn's anall, a choích.

Very loosely translated, this means:

Behold, women working the day slowly into night,
They make music on the days that were bright,
A long path, hither and thither forever.

Yes, I realize it loses much in the translation.

(Why do I fear ryano "correcting" my Gaeilge translation suddenly?)

2. A supposed ancient name for one of the isles in the Hebrides, taken from a medieval map. This was in fact the inspiration for the song title.

CST Approved

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