A poem by Thomas Moore, 1779-1852

How sweet the answer Echo makes
To Music at night
When, roused by lute or horn, she wakes,
And far away o'er lawns and lakes
Goes answering light!

Yet Love hath echoes truer far
And far more sweet
Then e'er, beneath the moonlight's star,
Of horn or lute or soft guitar
The songs repeat.

'Tis only when the sigh, -- in youth sincere
And only then,
The sigh that's breathed for one to hear --
Is by that one, that only Dear
Breathed back again.


Lady Clara Vere de Vere
Was eight years old, she said:
Every ringlet, lightly shaken, ran itself in golden thread.

She took her little porringer:
Of me she shall not win renown:
For the baseness of its nature shall have strength to drag her

"Sisters and brothers, little Maid?
There stands the Inspector at thy door:
Like a dog, he hunts for boys who know not two and two are four."

"Kind words are more than coronets,"
She said, and wondering looked at me:
"It is the dead unhappy night, and I must hurry home to tea."

Lewis Carroll,1883

Echoes is the title of a brilliant surf movie made in the late Sixties. Shot in entirely George Greenough’s revolutionary Greenough Vision, Echoes shows surfing from the surfer’s perspective. The roughly 40 minute movie is made up entirely of shots from within the tube. Pink Floyd composed the soundtrack for it in exchange for having it projected on the ceiling at a concert. Filmed on a kneeboard at local southern California surf spots like Rincon and the Hollister Ranch. Echoes follows in the wake of The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun and Voyage of the Crystal Light. While few copies of these works remain, they are a great look into early SoCal surf culture and the visions of a brilliant man.

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