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Congresman from the Republic of Peru, author of the famous Bill to approve the usage of only open source software in Public Administration Sytems. Such Bill caused the General Manager of Microsoft Peru, Juan Alberto Gonzalez, to answer to such arguing that the concept of open source software is not good for the software development business of the country, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The response of Mr. Villanueva, apparently with the technical help of the GNU people in Peru, gnu.org.pe, is amazing in that it is overwhelmningly convincing. It attacks every single argument ever used by Microsoft FUD, and simply disproves them. An spanish-to-english translation of this must read - somewhat long - at this link : Peruvian Congressman's Open Letter to Microsoft.

Note: The title of Dr., conferred to Mr. Edgar Villanueva is not in medicine. It stands for Juris Doctor, i.e. Esquire. In plain english, the guy is a lawyer.

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