Here we collect requests for changes to node titles, as well as for relocation of existing content from one node to another.

Why can't I change titles myself?

The ability to change node titles and to transfer writeups is limited to site admins. This allows us to enforce e2 naming conventions. These conventions make hard linking to e2 content, and searching for content, more reliable -- we hope!

Request process

If you discover a node title with a misspelling/mistake within, please add a writeup below. Hard link the incorrect title along with your recommendation as to how it should be titled. If you have a specific new title in mind (and you usually should), please hard link the new title, too. This makes it much easier for us to process the change.

Admins can also move a writeup from one node to another. If a writeup is off topic or poorly titled, it can be transferred to the node in which it rightly belongs.

Using this format in your writeup makes it easier for site admin:

Please change the node title hard-link to hard link. Thank you.

If you think that someone might search for the writeup under the old title, you can recommend that a firm link be created in the source node, pointing to the destination. To do this, add (and firm link) or simply (firm link) in parentheses after the request:

Please change the node title source-node to destination node (and firm link). Thank you.

For transfer of content, if there are multiple writeups in the node, please specify whose writeups should move, or simply "all". If reparenting will remove all writeups from the node, suggest '(keep the nodeshell)' or '(kill the nodeshell)'. Adding a firm link always means keeping the nodeshell, so you don't need to specify this if you're recommending a firm link. See firm link for more on when to request a firm link, and when not to do so. Firm links are redirects. Please don't request that two nodes be mutually firmlinked.

If you have a question about a title, but no specific recommendation, you can send a message to a member of the SIGTITLE usergroup.


When the overall node title is changed it may not change the title in your individual writeup. If this happens, simply click 'submit' on your writeup and the writeup's title will re-align with the new nodeshell title. Until then, your 'user search' may continue to display the old title.

E2 has no consistent caps rule for common nouns in titles (in the text of your writeup, get it right). Please don't bother asking us to uncapitalize/capitalize such nodes - see E2 FAQ: Capitalization in nodes.

Like most e2 admin activites, title moves and writeup transfers are done by volunteers. There is no SLA for this task. Please be patient.

For Best Results

When you list a title edit or reparenting request here, please be very specific. Don't make vague suggestions regarding what may or may not warrant changing or statements to the effect that node x has "issues." Speak plainly and make your requests acutely evident. If you have questions or issues regarding a change, /msg an admin and sort out the details before posting a request.

Only request title edits that you really want us to make. Say what you mean. DO NOT play games with your request. Games are for jerks! Jerks!!

Thank you for your help.

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