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Mormons and Caffeine by blunderdogg received a merciful and swift blow to the neck. It was his/her only write-up, written on the same day the account was created, and the user never logged in again. As if that wasn't enough, it had no links either.

SKS by Glowin_Orb, the victim requested lethal injection.

Jembeth said a prayer and then asked for Murgh Makhani to be pushed off a steep ledge.

CaptainSpam delivered both Happy Birthday Jessicapierce! and how does a water-fight end? into the loving hands of Death.

RimRod bought a one way ticket across the river Styx for Jack McKinney.

birdonmyshoulder* put Mother, this is mine. in a wheelchair and sailed it down a flight of stairs.

Tandex whispered sweet promises to me and I garroted Calling Plan from behind

galaga88 put on his waders and drug all of these into the deep end of the pond; sike, solent green, You realize you are a geek, COBOL, and Why Won't Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up and Die?

Pedro was bored with Farah Fawcett Majors, Liz Taylor and Angela Lansbury so he paid me a pretty penny to "remove" them.

NatchLucid failed to pay the ransom as directed and the following hostages were killed as an example to the others; internal injuries, exercise video, Eliot Feld Ballet, Tamilee Webb, and mental anguish. He may as well have pulled the trigger himself.

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