E"gret (?), n. [See Aigret, Heron.]

1. Zool.

The name of several species of herons which bear plumes on the back. They are generally white. Among the best known species are the American egret (Ardea, ∨ Herodias, egretta); the great egret (A. alba); the little egret (A. garzetta), of Europe; and the American snowy egret (A. candidissima).

A bunch of egrets killed for their plumage. G. W. Cable.


A plume or tuft of feathers worn as a part of a headdress, or anything imitating such an ornament; an aigrette.

3. Bot.

The flying feathery or hairy crown of seeds or achenes, as the down of the thistle.

4. Zool.

A kind of ape.


© Webster 1913.

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