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Also called Elderflower Champagne in some parts, this particular drink is non-alcoholic, but it is carbonated by yeast. A bit of vinegar is added to give it a "bite".

When you gather the Elderflower blossoms, be prepared to spend a good hour or so removing insects attracted to the flower's strong scent. Rinse the flowers in cool water before starting to prepare the drink.

The best time to pick flowers in June. Careful not to take all of them, as the blossoms produce nectar for insects in the summer, and elderberries for birds at the end of the season.

Elderflower Soda

Makes a little over 130 oz.

Simmer the water and grated ginger for about twenty minutes, and then take it off the heat and let it cool for about ten minutes. Add the flowers, lemon juice, and vinegar. Let it sit covered for about 12 hours.

Warm it up to lukewarm and stir in the sugar. Take it off the heat, and be sure to cover it again.

Hydrate the yeast with the lukewarm water, letting it sit for five minutes before adding it to the main mixture.

Strain the elderflower liquid into a large glass jug or carboy, then bottle it. Let it work in a temperature stable basement or cellar for about two days, then check the carbonation. Refrigerate it immediately when it has the right "fizzy-ness".

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