Now I know what the algae was for.

All day it sprinkled - not
A rain. Not
A drizzle, but
A falling fog.

The deck turned green with
Maybe algae?
Maybe moss?
Some green sliding substance
That made me slip.

I tore a great big hole
In the seat of my pants
Where I'd failed
To nail
The nail in all the way.

Green like a frog's belly,
A slip-n'-slide,
Or some slipping random river rock.

I cursed the stuff
And wished
The boards had been weather-proofed.

An honest mistake.

'Coz now the frost has come
And turned that great green fog on wood
To emerald dew
While I cried with you.
The only happy tears I've ever shed
Were in our bed

Let forth and blue--out through
A dazzling hue, a stunning shade--
Your green in my grayed eyes--
Like you, a hazed green slate-
A cunning fate.

The emeralds on the deck make me know

I was right.

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