Sometimes I hear my parents arguing, and I can see this intangible wall between them. Everything they say to each other is said at the wall, and their emotional attempts at communication bounce off like rain. I sit there in the hallway sometimes and listen to them misunderstanding each other. It makes me rip out my hair and cry, because I can comprehend each of their languages completely, and I know what they're trying to say to each other. I can feel the pain they cause in each other by only speaking their own languages, and never listening. Sometimes it seems as though she's blind and he's deaf, and they each could never imagine the life of the other.

So, sometimes I go and sit on that wall, and it seems so strange to me, because I repeat everything they've already said to them, and they understand me, because I can speak to each in their own tongue. I sit there and try to interpret their emotions, and they understand me.

Still, I'll never be a solution to their problems. I'm their daughter, damn it, not their psychologist.

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