There is nothing here to run away from, or
there's nothing left to run into.

Nothing is stopping you except
the will to survive,                            which is
everything of course,                        as we all know.
What it takes to make             it through the day
so tomorrow can be the                        same
for everyone,                         truly young and we will
never die                         again, you just
find someone to lean                     on and
let them do th                          e same if you
find someone to                           be with
be inside them
make a home of them
protect what you                       create
and if you fail then let                       this failure be
against which your life is                       measured 'cause
survival is the goal and you
don't wanna go down that dead                      end road
and never be yourself, although
who's stopping you?

You're all alone


April, 2022

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