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English Bob was a character in the 1992 Clint Eastwood movie Unforgiven, which won four Academy Awards (Oscars). Played to the hilt by an ailing Richard Harris, his screenwork rooted the setting and foretold some of the brutality of the old western frontier.

English Bob was a fast draw gunfighter who was tempted by a promise of gold to take out some idiots who cut up a prostitute when she laughed at a man's wedding tackle. He took the train to Wyoming, accompanied by his biographer, W.W. Beauchamp (played by Saul Rubinek). The sheriff, Little Bill Daggett (played by Gene Hackman), recognizes English Bob and the deputies disarm the visiting gunfighter, then brutally beat him nearly to death and tosses him in jail.

The biographer and Dagget are talking about some of English Bob's exploits when the sheriff tells the true story of when English Bob killed Two Guns because he was there. It turned out English Bob was so drunk that he should have been killed except for a stroke of luck when Two Guns' Colt Walker revolver blew up in his hand, a common failing of that model. English Bob walked over and cowardly shot Two Guns in the liver.

The next day English Bob is sent on his way with two destroyed pistols and a warning never to return.

Probably the best thing is that Beauchamp's first book about English Bob was called The Duke of Death, but Daggett calls him the Duck of Death. The name sticks. 

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