A disclaimer often found on breakfast cereal (among many other foods) boxes, when the picture on the front of the box has been enlarged to show you how magnificently complex the texture of said food is. One could only imagine the reason for which they began doing this. According to a legend I've heard, all lawnmowers must have a visual warning clearly in sight (usually a crude rendition of a finger being sliced by a blade) to dissuade people from sticking their hands underneath because somebody actually tried to trim his/her hedge by grabbing a lawnmower in such a manner. In this vein, can we imagine that somebody may have been extremely disappointed when he/she opened up a family-size box of CrispixTM to find that the cereal pieces are only about 1" x 3/4" in size, rather than 6" x 4.5"? One can only imagine how infuriated they might have been, perhaps going to the point of lawsuit? Or maybe it was a pre-emptive attempt to provide some truth in advertising to avert potential complaints.

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