An entropy attractive object is something that carries with it an especially strong field of entropy. Around this object, the fabric of space-time is warped inward, creating an effect similar to gravity, but on chaos itself.

In simpler terms, an entropy attractive object is a trouble magnet. These things bring with them especially random events, such as car accidents, lost wallets, extremely attractive women just drunk and looking for attention, and other seemingly unconnected events.

I myself am a trouble magnet.
This realization dawned on me while I was at a party last weekend. Little did I know that the cup of punch just handed to me was the first of the "special" punch, containing strawberries marinated in 100% ethanol. Little did I know that the girl who was grinding against me and having me eat some of the strawberries off her tongue was just drunk and looking for someone's attention, and I just happened to be the nearest thing.
Of course, I did know that we were crashing at the same apartment, but I didn't know as soon as we all went to bed, she'd boot all over the floor and I'd be the one on my hands and knees cleaning it up.

This set of examples is only one of the many examples of my ability to attract trouble unconsciously. If only ONE person in a room is going to have something random happen to them, it will be me. *sigh* Ahh well. Extremely random luck can't be as bad as bad luck... can it?

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