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Eosinophilic esophagitis is such a weird and cool condition!

If you read more clinical sources on the topic you will find that it's "an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus" and "Symptoms are chest pain or heartburn and occasionally dysphagia, or difficulty in swallowing." They say it's an allergic condition but the really cool part is that they have yet to decide just what it's an allergy to, or for that matter, much at all about what causes it. I vote for red meat. But that's just me. YMMV.

The medos also talk about things like Schatzki rings, and a "multi-ring esophagus" or "feline esophagus" -- the last term due to the similarity in the rings of the cat esophagus. Have they considered that maybe there's a secret cross-breeding program going on, mixing human and cat DNA? Conducted by those busybody's from Proxima Centauri, no doubt.

What they do know is that the rings in the esophagus that characterize this condition tend to be full of eosinophils. In fact, eosinophils -- a particular type of white blood cell that tends to be involved in the body's response to allergens, is perhaps the sole reason medical folk believe that this condition is the product of an overactive allergic response, while being puzzled at times about just what the sufferer's allergy might be. Most reassuring is this comment: "Skin testing can help identify which foods might contribute to this disease, but often skin testing implicates foods that are not involved. Common allergens in the GI tract are cow's milk, soy, egg and wheat." Gee, thanks.

There are lots of unpronounceable drugs that might help you with this condition, or just might cause unpleasant side effects above and beyond the sudden tendency to be unable to swallow food or water that can be a part of this condition. You can get these drugs if you have a doctor who can actually call in a prescription that your drug store can fill in good conscience, and if you have the insurance or the money to pay for the rapaciously inflated list price of these drugs, in the event that your insurance is either non-existent or does not include a prescription drug co-pay. Or you could live in one of the nations of the world with a civilized health care system, where you might get treatment and drugs if you happen to fall on the street choking and gagging and unable to swallow anything.

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