Catalan intellectual and politic, born in 1937 in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona, Spain). Active member of the opposition movement against de dictatorship of Franco, he was expelled from the University of Barcelona because of his support of the constitution of a democratic students’ union. He was active in every movement for democratic change, and in 1974 went from Barcelona to Valencia, as vice dean of the Faculty of Economics. There, he became tied with the socialist party of Valencia, that later became integrated in the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE).

When Franco died, Ernest Lluch returned to Barcelona, and became delegate for the catalan socialist party (PSC). In April of 1980 he was designed spokesman of the group of the Catalan Socialists in the Spanish Congress. In 1982, with the first socialist government after the Spanish Civil War, he became Ministry of Health, and he was responsible of the generalization of the public health in Spain.

After abandoning the active politics in 1989, Lluch returned to the academic life and his writings in newspapers and books. He had always defended dialogue, specially in regard of the conflict with the separatist terrorism of ETA.

Yesterday, he was shoot in the head, 25 years after the death of Franco.

He loved the Basque Country a lot more than the ones who cowardly killed him.

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