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At my workplace, I am currently residing in what many of my co-workers have lovingly called "the fishbowl". It's basically a cubicle with windows, a door, and no ceiling. Hence, whatever privacy you think you may have gained with a door and walls has been shot to hell with the fact that you're still talking to your wife, mistress, or other potential employers in an open space where everybody can hear you.

When I first showed up for work, I didn't mind it so much because I do have a window that lets me peer outside (albeit, with a view of the empty parking lot of the neighbouring building). However, as time progressed, it slowly became clear to me that the whole "fishbowl" concept was a ridiculous one. My neighbours regularly close their doors when taking "important" calls and talk loudly on the phone like they really were in a private area. One of my neighbours is a deaf lady who has a TDD machine that constantly makes ringing noises when a transmission is coming in...if the lady is deaf, why the annoying sounds?

Anyway, I've taken steps recently to pull myself out of the mundaneness of "fishbowl" life. I figured that if I was to come in every day to the fishbowl, I might as well make it look like a fishbowl...so I added the following:

My fishbowl has proven to be quite the hit among the office denizens and I've actually been approached by some people to help them put their fishbowls together...this leads me to think that there's a good business to be had here.

Update: Thanks to those who msg'd me asking about "fishbowling" their cubicles. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that I could afford flying all over the world to help you redesign your workspace.

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