By award-winning feminist cartoonist Trina Robbins, Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude is a light-hearted, irreverant look at traditional goddess myths.

However, these are not your typical goddess myths, such as those that are commonly bandied about nowadays. Instead of sweetness and light (or, as it is put in the Introduction: the Virgin Mary with crystals), the goddesses profiled in Eternally Bad lie, cheat, steal, trick, and sleep around to get what they want and no one - god or mortal - is going to stand in their way!

Eternally Bad gives myths for the following goddesses:

The Evil Twin

Tramps and Thieves

Bad Girls of the Bible

Sorceresses: Don't Drink That!

G.I. Janes

Goddesses Who Love Too Much

They Got Away with Murder!

Including a self-test at the end of the book to find your "inner bitch goddess," Eternally Bad is witty and fun - wonderful goddess humor.

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