A Poem in The Meeting Brownlee Anthology

Evening Walk

We walked among the lampposts.
Their halos formed half circles
Around our falling into manicured bush trampolines,
And kicking 'No Parking' signs
To hear the aluminum music.

"One of the signs will fall, eventually."
It stood, quivering, vibrating, humming into the night.
"I hope not."
As we walked on, I silently improvised a counter-melody.
Later, I would swear to hearing the song, even from miles away.

I fully expected my friends to point out theory and proof.
Air density, wave theory, all conspired against me.
But they cocked their ears, and stood motionless, silent.
"Yeah, I hear it." "There it is."
I was about to laugh, when I saw the shock on their faces.

Considering heading down to see if it was still shaking,
We smiled and wordlessly continued up the street.

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