2018 Jul 31

10 minutes: I can't believe it

This wasn't supposed to be happening. We were still supposed to be making preparations.

Which clown gave the go-ahead to let this happen?

Well, what's done was done now. The fire hose was on full blast. We weren't planning to have this happen for months at least, if not years, but we were in full now. There was no turning back after these gates were opened.

First three rings were breached. The fourth didn't help much either. We went to the full eleven, just to be sure we could contain it. There wasn't room for error now. It had to be completely contained, and we knew the eleven could do it.

We were originally planning to experiment with smaller numbers, but it was too late now. We were going all the way. Trial by fire.

Nothing had failed yet. At least we knew the eleven would be strong enough, though we'd never know if we were forcing ourselves to use up more resources than we had to.

It wasn't a total loss. Starting earlier might just have meant we got back a return on our investment sooner, and maybe made up for some of the additional resources we were pouring into it.

The fire hose was firing into all chambers now. As a result, its effects on the world around us now came from many more new directions at full force. Fortunately the rings helped dampen its effects, filter its energy, and redirect the force of its power in ways we could use and channel.

In some ways, having all eleven rings would make this an improvement over any smaller number. It meant power was now being distributed in eleven different directions.

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