Nobody could really envision the state of nothing.

If there were no observers, there was nothing there to describe it. It had no color, smell, or feel. At least not from within the system. From outside the system, we might be able to describe the emptiness, but not in ways those within the system could understand.

Was there a time when nothing existed? Can time even be measured when there's nothing to measure and nothing to measure it with? Again from outside the system, we might measure it in our own way, but not in any way that made sense within the system.

But we didn't really think of it in terms of when, but rather where.

I had a printout of what one might call a map of the system, where each point represented the possible state of the system at any particular point in time. So creation would refer to the region of the map where nothing existed.


When does freedom start and creation end? Or rather where? It was the part of the map where the region of creation bordered the region of freedom. What caused the transition? Every point along the border between the regions told a different story. Maybe causality came from outside the system. Maybe the nothing on the other side couldn't possibly exist and that something always existed in one form or another.

Our region of freedom had only one will. While certain regions in our map of freedom were more complex than others, there was never any contest of wills. Such was the definition of that part of the map.

The region of freedom was irregular. In parts covering large sections of the map, in others regularly returning to nothing, perhaps tired of endless contemplation.


While it's natural to expect that large parts of companionship bordered freedom, the map was infinite and in theory, might contain just as many areas where creation went straight to companionship.

Two wills danced in these worlds. Yin and yang. Me and you. In some regions of companionship, the two wills made up relatively equal parts of the system. In other parts, one or the other made up only a tiny speck, surrounded by a vastness of stuff well beyond the other's reach. Some argued that our inner minds were nearly infinite in themselves, and was its own form of infinity compared to the will of the rest of the universe. But it wasn't the job of the cartographer to spend too much time examining any particular point of the map.

Still other parts of companionship had wild fluctuations between the two wills. At times one would encompass almost the entire universe, only to have that control oscillate quickly back and forth between the two, for any number of reasons, depending on where they were on the map.


Beyond the region of companionship, and in some areas bordering directly on freedom or creation, was the region where many wills operated within the same environment.

The reasons here were varied as well, depending on the location in the map. Perhaps bliss was born out of boredom. In other areas, out of surrender or apathy. The religions in a number of areas attributed bliss to love, though others have argued for curiosity.

Whatever the motivation, they were all covered in the map somewhere, since that was the intention of the project.

My printout of the map was far from infinite, but was what I considered adequate to make at least some general illustrations of the concept. It was centered on creation, although there was no particular reason for creation to be at the center. It was just an arbitrary decision.

However just as I turned my back, a robin had apparently decided creation was going to be its target region and left a deposit there.

I could always make another printout, but in that moment, I was angry.

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