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It took me 2 hours just to convince a friend of mine that everything happens now. not this everything, I'm talking about time. Every time I pose this theory I'd get laughed at and be regarded as insane becaue I started using my brain and get out the social norms that binds all of us.

now, we all know the time line.

infinity to past. now infinity to futre.
There is no such thing as past or future in the physical sense. the future and the past is all in our brains. The past is what we remember and the future is what we dream of.

We invented years, months, days hours, seconds, to organize our lives, These are based on either atmoic clocks or the earth's rotation around the sun. some early societies used hour glasses and water tanks or sun dials to make sense of there time.

we are living now, our ancestors are living now, the generations to come are living now. we just devided this infinite time line drawn above to make sense of the past and the future, which are both derived from now.

Now for the brain teaser, please concentrate & pay attention. I'm 23 years old as of this write up in the psychological sense. in the physical sense time is still and not moving, its all happening now. Consider for the sake of the argument I'm making that humanity agreed that 1 year = 1 second, That would make me 23 seconds old. consider again that 1 year would equal 1 fimto second and think about it, I'd be 23 fimto seconds old. what I'm trying to get at is that we devided this non moving thing we call now into mesurable lengths to make sense of the future and the past.

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