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Evidence Eliminator is a program for Windows 9x, written by some small company in Nottingham called Robin Hood Software (as the critics put it, "they rob from everyone and give to themselves"). It's a small program that just wipes temporary files, recycle bin files, MRU lists, and so on from the hard drive - and also wipes all empty disk space clean. It isn't even Internet-related data for most part. Deletion method is "make harder to recover this file by deleting it and overwriting 1-bits, 0-bits, and random data". Nothing too amazing.

However, EE has gained a lot of infamy due to its marketing tactics. Personally, I first heard of this program through some spam. This is rarely a good sign of high morals.

EE also does/did sell the thing with some odd browser popups. The popups said, basically, "The police investigation is underway, and your ISP has given us following information"... with the user's IP address and parsed User-Agent and Referer info, with some suspicious keywords and possibly (if using MSIE) an IFRAME that shows the user's C:\ directory, with label "everyone in the Internet can see this". The experienced users go "you've gotta be kiddin' me", the paranoid newbies go "Oh no! THEY are after me!"...

EE markets the program through an affiliate network. The affiliates, of course, are not told to be Good Netizens, and are even encouraged to use any means necessary to market the program. They've spammed Usenet, they've spammed E-mail, they've spammed ICQ, they've set up deceptive web pages, and so on, and so on. Of course, RHS themselves don't do any of this themselves, but isn't trying to stop it. They also attack their critics on very unprofessional manner. Of particular interest is "misinformation" page at evidence-eliminator.com, where they misquote everything to make it look like there's a Global Conspiracy against them. Hm...

...with friends like this, it's better to stick with competitors... =) There's a lot of programs that do what this program is supposed to do, and are not megabyteful Visual Bacillus programs that tend to break. Eraser (by Sami Tolvanen and Garrett Trant) is GPLed free software and wholeheartedly recommended by everybody else but RHS. RadSoft (quoted below) also makes free-of-charge-with-something-else program called, ironically enough, E3 Evidence Eliminator-Eliminator, which RHS declared to be "sucky" in their disinfo page but forgot to include proof.

http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/ - Read with Lynx, not because I'd mind "giving information" to them, but because this "highly professionally designed website" crashes Mozilla 1.0 - first site to do so after several months of rock-solid stability =)

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