Evil Ryu
What first began in the old Street Fighter manga, now spawned a central character in the Zero 3 storyline. Originally Evil Ryu was a sidestory in the old Street Fighter comic book series. He became "evil" when he began to channel the same chi or "Hado of Murderous Intent," the same chi that Gouki uses. Ryu then lost control of his power and became evil, thus recieving the same curse as Gouki. Searching the world for stronger fighters.
When Ryu became evil many changes happened to him, not just appearences but also the way his techniques work as well. As for looks, his gi became a dark grey or black and his skin became a very dark tan. His eyes also became a dark crimson color like Gouki's. As for special moves, he recieved a few new ones as well as his old ones being tweaked a little. His Hadoken became stronger and faster, while his Shoryuken became a three hit combo attack like Gouki's. Then his Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku became a multiple hitting attack as well, enabling him to perform juggles similar to Gouki. Finally he recieved the Ashura Warp move, a technique Gouki uses to teleport himself.
Ryu's regular techniques weren't the only moves to change, his Super combos changed to. He still retained the Shinkuu Hadoken and the Skinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku but recieved two more Super combos. The Shinkuu Shoryuken and the Shun Goku Satsu. All these new add ones turned Ryu into a one-man slaughtering machine. In the story however, Ryu finally regains his sanity and sees what destruction his hidden powers have caused, thus he seals them in order never to use them again.

One last interesting note, whenever you finish someone off with the Shun Goku Satsu attack a kanji will appear in the background depending on who you are. Gouki's symbol is "ten", which means heaven. Evil Ryu's on the other hand is "metsu", which means hell or destruction.

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