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The CEO, president, or other high-placed company executive who has a private bathroom off of their office. The size of the bathroom varies greatly, but nearly all of these bathrooms have one thing in common - shiny objects. Don't ask me why, but they always have shiny objects. The faucet is always a polished gold or silver (although it has to be a Fortune 500 CEO for them to actually be gold or silver), the mirrors often have a silver frame around them, and quite often the wallpaper has a gold that sparkles a little.

While thinking about executive bathrooms, the natural question is to ask why they need their own bathrooms. There are two different points of view:

  1. Executives are snotty and don't want to have to mingle with the "common workers".
  2. Executives need the bathrooms close by during long, important meetings.
While I (speaking as a poor college student) like to think the first is more accurate, as an optimist I would hope it is more of the second.

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