*Written on a dare from JerboaKolinowski*
*Note - Legitimate names have been withheld to protect the innocent*

It was a friday afternoon, my friends and I were flipping through the yearbook from our senior year of high school and noticing an oddly high number of photos that looked like the person had just been offered a free goat. The heads tilted to the side a bit and just slightly angled up as though considering the proposition.

Little did we know that this actually was the practice at *Photo Company X*. Girls of all ages were being offered free goats on a daily basis. Everyone thought it was an odd practice for a photographer, but no one questioned it. The man produced excellent quality shots, why throw that away because of a goat?

At least, that WAS the general opinion of the public until one day, a girl accepted the goat....

    *Trippy Flashback Sequence*

    Jenna sits down poised and ready, looking beautiful for her photo.

    Photographer: Ok now Jenna, if you'd just look a bit to your left, put your hands in your la - oh yeah, that's perfect. *Click* Now look towards the camera and... say, would you like a free goat?

    Jenna: Looks up and left in consideration *Click* Yes sir, I think I would, I'm sick of mowing the lawn myself. I could use a goat to do the job for me.

    Photographer: With evil grin Alright, he'll be waiting for you when you arrive at home.

    Fade out of flashback
Little did Jenna know that the photographer was simply a distributor of the EXTRA TERRESTRIAL GOAT CREATURES FROM THE FUCK GALAXY!!! These goats, who pray on young supple creatures of earth to fulfill their fucking needs.

When Jenna arrived at home, everything seemed normal - except for the goat on her lawn. In all respects he or it seemed very much a normal goat. Jenna had no clue it was his (or its) only drive and goal to fuck her at all costs.

Over the next few nights, the goat telepathically communicated with Jenna under the guise of a really-hot-guy-dream as all teen girls have. He made her fall in love. Eventually, when he gained enough control, the goat caused her to sleepwalk out into the yard where he was chained up.

When he had brought her into position, the goat began to copulate with her. After a few minutes, Jenna was aroused (in the waking sense, not the perverted one) and shrieked cries of help, but it was too late. The ETGCFTFG had already injected her with his alien spawn. Jenna had no clue that she would later give birth to an Terrestrial Goat Creature from the Milky Way Galaxy.

The doctors all examined Jenna, but all was in vain as nothing could be done about the goat spawn. In a last desperate attempt to save the world from this menace, Jenna attempted to commit suicide. Right as she tied the rope around her neck and prepared to jump, something stopped her.

"Wha?... who's there...."

Jenna stopped what she was doing and looked around. There in the room was the physical manifestation of really-hot-guy-dream. Jenna was in awe...

"But, who.... HOW!?!"

It doesn't matter, all that matters is that I'm here now

Jenna released the noose from her neck and hugged RHGD. In thirteen months, Jenna gave birth to a Terrestrial Goat Creature from the Milky Way Galaxy and raised him well with RHGD at her side, helping all the time, as a loving caring ETGCFTFG father.

The goat grew up to be a great man, and eventually the President of the Czech Republic (somehow they understand his simple yet beautiful language) and the world was made better, all because of.... EXTRA TERRESTRIAL GOAT CREATURES FROM THE FUCK GALAXY!!!

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