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Kid friendly version of some other word that starts with f and ends with ck

.... and is not "fire truck".....

I made this up for the Bing stories.

I have been asked how I would feel if my children used this as a swear. My children learned to swear early and I was mostly fine with it. We underestimate children all the time. They know how to swear. Your children may have learned not to swear in front of you but unless you've kept them chained in the basement, I will bet that they know how to swear. By age 3.

They know how to swear because they can tell that those words are important. They can tell by your tone of voice, by your expression, by your reaction. The "bad" children will use that reaction. Children in an addict household may choose to get some much needed attention by swearing. Or they may choose to hide in plain sight as much as possible.

I have been thinking about Bing stories for years, but I couldn't find quite the right voice. An unrepentant 12-14 year old boy who swears every third word is perfect. Bing was entirely unrepentant all the time, he bounced like Tigger and he got into massive amounts of trouble all the time. I adored him and feared for him, rightly.

These are stories that I would allow my children to read. "Bad dog" stories, but about getting into hot water and getting back out. Bing goes for help. Bing has friends who are wiser than he is and if he had more sense, he'd listen to them. He doesn't have much sense and his reckless enthusiasm gets him into some really tight painful spots. This would certainly be a useful set of stories to discuss with some of the preteens and teens that I know. What is dangerous, how do you avoid it, if you fail to avoid it then what do you do? First aid. Going for help. Stabilizing someone who is hurt.

Maybe I am an unusual parent in that I tell my children this sort of story. I tell them about the hot water I got into, hoping that they remember it and might have the sense to avoid it. Or maybe not. And if I tell them what an idiot I was, maybe they won't be afraid to tell me their stories. Maybe. Maybe some I don't want to know.

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