This was once a shocking movie. It came out in 1978, and was just a bunch of stock that was recorded by news cameras, left uncensored and spliced together with a voice-over. It contained footage of autopsies and crash victims of auto accidents. There was also footage of a boxer that had just lost a brutal fight, and had his face pretty badly smashed up.

If you were a stoner living in the midwest, you'd have this in your video library to look cool. However, the movie was not all that scary in and of itself, just a little off-putting. You wouldn't want to watch it while eating a pizza.

Ironically, the same kind of scenes that made Faces of Death so controversial when it came out can now be seen on such prime time Fox Television shows such as World's Wildest Police Chases and When Animals Attack. They just don't show as much blood on the TV versions.

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