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According to author, researcher, and professor Dr. Ray Nakamura the effects of psychoactive drugs depends on various factors. This explains why some people have a bad trip and others have good trips after taking the same exact drugs. Not only Nakamura, but many others have conducted experiments on the effects of drug use. By knowing these things we can try and enhance our own experiences and understand others.

These are Nakamura’s findings about what the effects of drugs depend on:

Pharmacological Properties: This includes the dosage, strength, and method of use(such as smoke, snort, or inject). Of course the larger the amount used the stronger the effects, and snorting is quicker than smoking.

Environment: Does the person taking the drug feel safe? A good trip is more likely to occur in a familiar environment. Who are the people around? If the user is around people he/she does not know, or like, the person has a greater chance of having a bad trip. If friends are around there is a better chance for a more enjoyable experience.

Physical and Mental: This is one of the largest factors. What a person thinks will happen to them is a strong influence. This explains why some people feel drunk after drinking what they think is alcohol and why some people feel high after smoking something they thought would be marijuana.

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