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This idea was extended by George W. Bush on January 30, 2001 as a component of his Faith-Based Organizations initiative.

If this actually holds up in court, here are some suggestions for groups that could use more money:
The Hare Krishnas - I plan to earmark my annual donation towards the rescuing of cute young girls from the midwest. Remember their slogan. "all our food is free." Also remember that the temple was also a spaceship. I'm not quite sure what the food they serve actually is, but I looks like it's got raisins in it.

Jehovah's Witnesses - They are particularly underfunded in Republican neighborhoods, especially around Washington, D.C.

Serpent Handlers - What wayward teen, given the choice of religious after school counseling, would not go with the Serpent Handlers? So they're strict literalists. Come on, they wave rattlesnakes over their heads, and they practice the Holy Kiss, where this same bunch of snake-waving Tennessee mountain men kiss each other on the mouth!

The Branch Davidians are still around and need some new office space.

Druids could use some extra money for promotional materials, to help get the message out about how cool it is to be a druid.

Scientology - They just can't get enough. Everyone's favorite Hollywood institution seeks a major Northeast expansion.

Jews for Jesus - Rumored to have been inspired by Dubya's "uniter" rhetoric, the Jews for Jesus are looking at ways to bring in other religions as well, after realizing that merging Judiasm and Christianity was still somewhat discriminatory. Look for possible name changes to "Jews for Jesus and Vishnu", or "Jews for Jesus and Allah and Falun Gong" or even "Jews for The God Posse". Stay tuned.

The Black Hebrew Israelites - Ever since getting displaced from Times Square this group has been looking for a home. Government funds and tax-payer dollars could help. If we all pitch in, there could be a small battalion of spear-toting BHIs in your neighborhood, luring your friends and family into circular arguments with megaphoned men who don't listen.
Oh, there is surely so much more good to be done.

please accept my apology if this offended you or your beliefs. It was meant as humor and tried to present evident behavior over negative stereotypes. Of course, sometimes those two are hard to separate. Again, please accept my apology.

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