Exercise: A piece of paper. 1 sentence, 1 phone number. What does the sentence say?

Reply via /msg, responses below:

  • The Custodian: Mom said to give you this assisted suicide reference.
  • maxClimb: Pick up the phone; make things happen.
  • OldMiner: Someday, you'll want to know why you can't throw this away.
  • alex: For a good time, call
  • filoraene: Do you want to know?
  • NanceMuse: If a man answers, say you're trying to reach the Psychic Friends Network.
  • kyotocoyote: Dial only when you're finally ready.
  • GhettoAardvark: Only to be called in case of ostrich emergency.
  • locke baron: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • gate: If it takes you to 1990, dial this number.
  • YellowOstrich: Only to be called in case of aardvark emergency.
  • clone19: That guy from the IRS called again...
  • gnarl: Ask if refrigerator is running.
  • etouffee: This is the number of a person who came back from the future looking for you. I told them you weren't home.

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