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I keep forgetting that 2017 has arrived which is odd because my first instinct is to type 2019, not sure where that is coming from, perhaps my mind is preparing for that future without me being conscious of it. Good news - today is my day off and I feel like having my friend come over to help me get organized is really going to add up to significantly less stress as I deal with some of the things I didn't know how to streamline previously. I mentioned previously that several people in my life think paying her is pointless since I'm already a very organized person. This is true, but there's a limit to what you can accomplish on your own. One nice thing I hadn't realized I'd be getting by hiring her is support from one mom to another.

Today she told me that it's okay to view these years while the girls are at home as a bit messy and under construction so to speak. It may not be the most realistic goal to expect a tiny apartment with very little storage space to be neat and tidy at all times. This is my vision, a place for everything and everything in its place, but I know what she's saying. My perfectionism and unrealistic standards are setting me up for failure. Today we worked in the kitchen. I had to get rid of a few things and will probably need to pare down further. Easy for me to tell others to do this, much harder to do it myself, but I did part ways with a covered glass Pyrex dish I've had for ages since it doesn't fit with the other two.

Money is still stressing me out, but I'm hopeful and optimistic since my cell phone bill is going to decrease by approximately $100/month after I pay this month's bill of $224.22.


Update, this is two days in one. More good news. I wrote out my week which has really helped me focus and stay on track. After meeting with an agent from H&R Block and realizing I saved myself a ton of money by filing my taxes myself I discovered that I do not need to file an amended return for 2016. This was a great relief as I had been extremely anxious about that possibility. I switched back to Verizon after I sat at H&R Block stewing because I couldn't text or send emails. If service is going to be poor and I'm paying for it anyways, I might as well switch back to a provider I like. I called ahead to see how late they were open, drove in, and found out I may not need a network extender after all.

One of the reasons I love going to local branches of companies I'm familiar with is they often help me solve problems while saving me money. This happened the last time I dropped in at the bank and again last night as my initial fee was waved since I'm a returning customer. It turns out I can run my phone over my internet connection, this greatly improves the quality and range of my service, but I still emailed the gentleman I spoke with earlier about the extender just in case this turns out to be a temporary thing. I may also need it when I move and I'd like to have that option available if that's the case, but I don't want to order this thing if I can avoid it and save them some money.

While my youngest told me that only old people use calendars, there may be some truth to this, I'm happy with half of my recent purchases. The smaller month by month calendar has been nice for laying out my bills, income, and expenses. The book style has turned into a food diary. I wanted to skip it after my atrocious stress eating today, but I faithfully recorded my intake so I can look back on it and go, wow, I need to find better ways to cope. I still need to make a menu for when the girls are here. So far I've spent $20 on groceries, I didn't technically have to spend that, but I'm okay with this level of splurge.

I've been up since 1:51 so this will be an interesting day at work. I'm anticipating a smooth morning since I packed my lunch last night. I made a list of some things I'd like to accomplish and finally located a book I had been searching for, it was in a bag with a bunch of other books. At the time I stashed it there I think I was hoping I'd have this chic bag of books, but really it turned into a mad hunt for two particular books, one to loan to a friend, the other for myself. I'm contemplating starting my own garage cleaning and organizing business. I was talking with a friend of mine from Australia who encouraged me to pursue this for the following reasons:

  1. I would like more income.
  2. Owning your own business can protect you in the event of a job loss.
  3. This is something I'm great at and really enjoy.
  4. It fills what I believe is a void.
  5. It may eventually expand and I'll be able to offer my clients more.
  6. Start up costs are virtually nonexistant.
  7. This satisfies my need for order.
  8. A clean garage is safer, saves time, and reduces frustration.
  9. This can be seasonal income for me.
  10. It will be an interesting and potentially exciting experience.

I've wanted to do this for a long time, but it wasn't until I had a friend come over and help me organize that I saw how I had undervalued this type of a service. Garages and basements, storage spaces like attics become catchall holding tanks for moldering seldom used items. I remember being frustrated in my own garage and how transforming the process of cleaning it out and getting it organized was. Sometimes I would go a bit overboard, but I think if I was getting paid for that, my clients would be happy and they can always dictate the level of cleanliness and organization they would like. This plays to my skills, I need and want a partner so I'm thinking about who I can recruit, but for now I'm just in the daydreaming, fantasizing phase.

Until next time,


P.S. I keep thinking about that painting I saw at the thrift store and wishing I would have picked it up, still proud of myself for leaving it there, my bank balance was perilously close to zero so it's a good thing I held off. It may no longer be there, but if it is, it's mine. I diverted some cash back into savings and some of my other accounts. Next month should be really nice since I'll hopefully have my tax return by then. Really looking forward to entering a new stage of money management, investment, and saving. Feels good to be back in control of my money.

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