To nate, avalyn, and all the other anonymous contributers who made this move to MSU possible:


The database is spittin' out nodes faster than it has-- er-- basically ever, as far as I can recall. Nathan, this is... geez, almost acceptable. Almost.

I suppose I should say something. Seeing as Bitriot's letter was sent directly to me, daylog or no. The first thing I’ve noticed, after watching the w/u progress throughout the day, is that there are some serious cowards dumping really lame softlinks into this writeup. I mean, seriously. "Homo?" What are you trying to hide??

I don’t know who you are (I can't can I? That's why you do it!), but this noder -– this 22-year-old kid –- wrote some of the best nodes I have ever seen on this site. He was the first person to write me a message, when I didn’t even know enough HTML to make a readable node, and he was there for me as I struggled through the stylistic changes I needed to make to write here.

Hell, the one writeup I did that I’m most proud of -– that actually managed to match the 16C!’s I got for my Pornquest 2006 winner, I'm mildly ashamed to say -– was written in a style deliberately intended to imitate Bitriot’s writing. His writing moved me, more often than not because it started off talking about some esoteric subject, but then managed to come in the end to a startling, truthful revelation.

When he left e2 recently, I was the one who tried to hard to get him to come back. And he did. And now I find my efforts simply earned him an academic probation. And I am so sorry for that.

Well, Chris, I’ll miss you. I probably wouldn’t still be writing here if it weren’t for you. And anyone who thinks they know what they’re doing, and is still into the whole insulting softlinks thing anyway, needs to read your words.

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