The Federal Aviation Regulations govern all aircraft, airports, pilots, mechanics, and aviation operations in the United States. The Federal Aviation Regulations are listed in title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Title 14 governs Aeronautics and Space. Sections 1-199 are the Federal Aviation Regulations. 200-399 belongs to the DOT for "aviation proceedings". 400-1199 cover Commercial Space Transportation, The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation. 1200-1299 is NASA, and parts 1300-1399 are "Air Transportation System Stabilization".

Perhaps, with a bit of luck, I can translate the important parts into English. I will start with the FARs, selected parts 1-199. These govern aviation as we know it. Give me some time, there are about 75 active parts to work through and explicate. I will list more here as I start preparing sections for posting. Not all parts will be posted, as my goal is to add useful information, not meaningless obscure federal codes and regulations. In addition, I will be editing the parts, as there are obscurities that are meaningless to all, even those who fly and build airplanes. The complete regulations can be found amongst my listed sources at the bottom of this page. I will also try and post a page that details changes since 9-11 and the PATRIOT act. THERE IS NO GUARENTEE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED ABOUT THE ACCURACY OF THIS INFORMATION OR ANY LINKED TO THIS NODE (1486611).

The FARs contain the following:

Subchapter A- Definitions

1-Definitions and abbreviations:A-F, G-P, Q-Z Acronyms and rules of construction. These will be posted unabridged, the rest will not be.

Subchapter B- Procedural Rules

13-Investigative and Enforcement Procedures

17-contract disputes (someone has to ask for this one, I won't just do it).

Subchapter C- Aircraft

21-Certification for procedures and parts


Subchapter D- Airmen

61-65-Certification of pilots and Crew

67-medical Certification

Subchapter E- Airspace

71 and 73-Airspace by class;special use

77-Objects affecting navigable airspace

Subchapter F- Air Traffic and General Operating Rules

91-General Operating And Flight Rules

101- Moored baloons, kites, unmanned rockets, and unmanned free baloons

103-Ultralight vehicles

105-Parachute Operations

107-109-Airport Security (DELETED IN THE JAN 2004 REVISION)

Subchapter G- Air Carriers and Operatiors for compensation or Hire: Certification and Operations

Subchapter H- Schools and Other Certified Agencies

141-Pilot Schools

Subchapter I- Airports

Changes since September 2001


  • Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, parts 1-199 current through Jan 2004. Accessed through
  • FAR AIM 2003, pub. by Aviation Supplies and Academics Inc.
  • Various Jeppsen/Sanderson Publications

It should also be noted that copyright is not an issue, as the Code of Federal Regulations is a public document. It is, however, my responability to reprint them accurately and in context.

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