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Nominally a 1981 Nick Mason solo album, but actually a collection of the song material from the Carla Bley Band's set-list, an outgrowth of the "punk" band she formed in the 70s (Penny Cillin and the Burning Sensations; we don't need no steekin' good-sounding name). Guest vocalist: Robert Wyatt; guest guitarist: Chris Spedding, of the Vibrators, et mucho al. All the hits: "Siam", "Boo To You Too", and "I'm a Mineralist". You could use the cover for the Fictitious Sports board game; dice, batteries, and talking woodland creatures not included.

A companion LP, featuring essentially the same '80/'81 Carla Bley Band, doing the "regular" material, is Bley's Social Studies.

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