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Professor Flitwick is Charms Teacher and Head of Ravenclaw house in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. His most distinguishing trait is his small size which means he has to stand on a stack of books to see over his desk; one would think if he can make pineapples dance he could shrink his desk to a better size.

Compared to other teachers, pupils and adults in Harry's world (Hagrid, Profs McGonagall and Snape, The Weasleys) we are told relatively little about Flitwick and his connection to Harry. We are told in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets that in his salad days he was a Champion Wizard Duelist. We are also told that he is the master of Charms - in this case causing objects to levitate grow etc. In the first two film adaptions of the First Two Harry Potter Books (The Philosophers Stone and The Chamber Of Secrets respectively) Flitwick was played by mini celebrity Warwick Davis. Davis played Gringotts Goblin Griphook in the Philosophers Stone as well as Flitwick and Wicket the Ewok in Return Of The Jedi.

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