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Filson is an outdoor clothing company. They make clothing mainly for the hardcore hunter and outdoorsman market. Like Carhartt, their focus is on quality. They produce a full range of clothing, except undergarmets. The clothing is built for durability, not comfort, which is probably why they don't make underwear. The company has been around since the 1897, started by C.C. Filson, a guy similar to Levi. Many people with outdoor professions use their products. They have a warranty that covers any damage 'within reason'. E.g. they will cover damage if the stitches go bad, but not if you use the clothing as a fuse in a Molotov cocktail.

They make some amazing clothing, including their flagship line of wax coated duck canvas pants and jackets. The wax insures that they are waterproof, and preserves the canvas. The suggested method of washing is with a spray nozzle on a hose, as they cannot go through a washing machine with soap, or a dryer. They make a Duster that is reminicent of villians in westerns. Dusters were used in many John Wayne movies, and probably by the stereotypical cowboy, given how long they have been around. Also, they make waterproof boots, belts, and hats. Their products are almost all made of felt, leather, or duck canvas.

The company recently started selling directly to the public. The wbsite, complete with an online cart shopping system is www.filson.com. They also have a large dealer network.

Source: www.filson.com

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