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Square Enix's third Final Fantasy VII revival is coming to PlayStation 2 next year. Final Fantasy VII:Dirge of Cerberus is a new game starring the charming anti-hero Vincent Valentine.

While exactly what genre it falls into isn't clear yet, Dirge of Cerberus is set after Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the already-announced DVD movie sequel that takes place two years after Final Fantasy VII. In a time when Midgar and the world around it have finally calmed down a bit, a mysterious force attacks, forcing Vincent leave his coffin and fight to restore peace for good.

The first few screens of the game leave plenty of room for speculation -- the character of Vincent suggests a 3D action game, something in the vein of Devil May Cry.

Square Enix seemes to be trying to re-enforce their title as best RPG creators after their latest games flopped. But Final Fantasy fans will not be pleased if Dirge of Cerberus does not live up to the hype of Final Fantasy VII

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