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I've seen this 1980s / 1990s band from New York described as progressive rock, but as much as I love both progressive rock and FaR, I wouldn't equate them. They remind me more of jazz, jazz-rock, and psychedelic music. Their music was chaotic and full of life; their lyrics were strange and sometimes haunting. I might adore them just because they were connected to Noise New York and (I think) Shimmy Disc, however.

1987: (?) Fish and Roses (?) -- Noise New York? This was an EP, though meaty enough to feel like an LP (even if I can't remember its name).
1989: We Are Happy to Serve You -- Homestead
1992: Dear John -- (don't know which label)

Sue Garner -- later sang in Run On; currently sings in Yo La Tengo.
David Sutter -- don't know what he played.
Rick Brown -- drummer, Sue Garner's life partner.
Chris Stamey -- don't know what he played.

...others I'm too sleepy to trace :-(

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