The Five Fingers of Funk are Portland, Oregon's foremost hip hop group. Admittedly, this is somewhat like being the Yukon Territory's foremost mime troupe, but the f3 as they call themselves, make some pretty decent music.

The Five Fingers of Funk formed in the early 90's, and featured a line up of 3 horn players, a bassist, a DJ, and a MC who went by the name of Pete Miser. The Five Fingers of Funk didn't really have five members, and their music was more jazzy then funky, but they managed to become popular in Portland, not then known as a big hip hop city, by appealing to both a rock and a rap audience.

After an ep and two albums, the Fingers became more popular, touring up and down the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains. In 1998, they toured as the opening band in a tour with Fishbone and Maceo Parker. Shortly after this, Pete Miser, often considered to be the heart of the group, left. The F3 continue to tour with a new MC.

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