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The Flamenco progression is a stepwise progression utilized in many Pop and Flamenco songs. It is a godsend to musicians because being it stepwise, there is no need to play chord inversions just to make chords and because it is easy to improvise a melody on top.

i - VII - VI - V

Notice the major V. This follows the harmonic minor key loosely, although the VII is major as well, which implies the natural minor (aeolian) key. The V is major in order to strengthen the chord as well as the progression and making it seem as if it was a quasi-half cadence.

Sometimes the v is minor.

i - VII - VI - v

This weakens the progression and makes it somewhat "stagnant" sounding, but is very moody and perfect for many songs.

i - VII - VI

Many songs omit the V, making a somewhat uneasy ending on the VI. Both are relatively common in all styles of music, ranging from Classical to Metal to Trance to Folk.

Songs using the Flamenco progression to one extent or another:

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