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In the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 Mayor Guliani stated that the best way for people to help out New York City was for them to go there and spend money.

Sho Dozono, an influential businesman in Portland, Oregon took him up on his offer and organized the Flight for Freedom, where he encouraged as many Portlanders to travel to New Work City as possible. They would travel together, wearing T Shirts with the slogan "Oregon Love New York City". The delegation included 900 people, including average citizens, as well as civic and business leaders, and politicians such as Portland Mayor Vera Katz and Representative David Wu. Aside from taking in dinner and a movie, buying souveneirs, marching in the Columbus Day Parade, they also got a chance to ring the opening bell on Wall Street.

I really think this is a great gesture on the part of everyone involved. More informatation can be learned at

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