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Florida-based Class A Advanced baseball minor league. Has been in existence in its current form since 1936, playing continuously except for a four-season (1942-45) shutdown during World War II. Originally a Class D league, but was reclassified as A Advanced in 1963. Most FSL teams play at or near the complexes used by their parent major league clubs for spring training, and the clubs maintain instructional staff there for much of the season.

The FSL is very commonly used by major league teams with affiliates there for big-league players' injury rehabilitation assignments. The consistent Florida weather makes it easy to guarantee a rehab schedule, and the affiliation agreements with FSL clubs are much stronger due to the major league clubs' permanent installations, making it easier to force an FSL team to do something potentially adverse to its chances at fielding a winning team. In addition, many players live in Florida during the off-season because of its lack of personal income tax, making FSL assignments relatively close to home for them.

Teams are divided into two divisions, East and West.

Website: http://www.fslbaseball.com/

Divisions and teams:

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