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The name of a trick to be done on a bicycle. I think it could be done on a motorbike too, but I've never tried it. A Flying Jesus is done by standing up on your bike and taking your hands off the handlebars. You then extend your arms outwards, trying to do you best imitation of Jesus on the Cross.

What you'll need:

To actually do a Flying Jesus you'll need a bike whose frame and headset is in good condition (this will keep your wheels straight) and prior knowledge of how to ride a bike without using your hands. Once you have these things, get your bike and preferably a helmet. Pick up a fair bit of speed, stand up, and with the seat clamped between your legs try taking your hands off the bars. Do it tentatively at first, and once you get better try doing it for longer. Before you know it you'll be flying like Jesus with the best of them.

I'm very sorry if this node offended any Christians, but that is what it's called. And remember, Freedom of Speech is nothing without the freedom to offend with speed.

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