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An invention of the widely acclaimed genuis and all-round modern day Renaissence Man, Buckminster Fuller.

Fuller created this method of cleaning whilst in the serving in the navy, after noticing that when on deck, standing in all of the spray and mist thrown up by the ship, nothing stayed on your skin for very long. He apparently worked out that this was due to the abrasive action of the tiny water droplets. He proceeded to design a machine to recreate the on-deck conditions in a shower cubicle, as a water saving device. The final product apparently looked like some kind of giant perfume atomizer,and used apparently as little as 1/4 of a pint of water per person. Its general design combined compressed air (200 pounds/square inch) and atomized water with triggered-in solvents. The technology is mainly used these days in fire fighting systems, as the small amount of water used prevents serious damage to carpets and upholstery

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